About Me

Hiya I’m Lucy. Some people know me as Moochy but you can call me as you please. As long as it’s not rude of course.

I love music, tv and the internet among other things. I’m a Mac user and have many Apple things so I may ramble about them now and again. I also like moaning about everything else like the state of the planet so don’t worry – I’m not depressed – just chronically cynical.

I’m a keen photographer – mainly wildlife and landscapes but anything that takes my fancy really. To view my gallery click here

  • My Loves

My friends, music, QI, Ronan Keating, rowing, sailing, boats, good films, going to gigs, Stephen Fry, nature, animals, psychology, tea, Harry Potter books, eating out, snow, Monty Python, novelty socks, long summer days, photography, ebay, Bill Bailey, barbeques, winnie the pooh (original NOT disney), postcards, comedy sitcoms, the internet, plants, the smell of bookshops, The Beatles, good quotes, alcoholic cocktails, jaffa cakes, the Shipping Forecast, chocolate-covered raisins, holidays, lava lamps, apple computers and other apple things, Mark Steel, moonlight, going for long walks, teddies, weird shaped clouds, cricket, log fires, Eddie Izzard, laughing till it hurts, watching someone I love sleeping, takeaways, funny words, blogging, candlelight, the muppets, wallace and gromit, thinking, VW campervans, sleeping, youtube, left-handedness, haribo, David Tennant, absolute silence, Galaxy chocolate, Herbal Essences, Aston Martins, David Attenborough, wordpress, freeview, Dartmoor, soup, indian food, TMS, childrens tv programmes I grew up with, OggyOggy pasties, my cats, people smiling at you in the street, Sensations crisp flavours, Douglas Adams, Top Gear, Radio 2, lolcats, morning birdsong, the seaside, making someone smile, snuggly jumpers, a good conversation, sunsets, learning new facts, watching Ronnie O’Sullivan play snooker, fairtrade chocolate, 4am, steam rooms, baby oil, pain-au-chocolat, cheese, The Mark Steel Lectures, my cat coming to wake me up in the morning, seeing things in a really boring day in a different light, when a really great song comes on the radio,

  • My Hates

Soaps, Christmas, chavs, rude people, burberry, Jordan, spots, Fast food chains, christmas, talentless pop stars (ie people who mime), the amount of money footballers/sportsstars are paid, supermodels, cigarettes, hair straighteners, ringtones/ringtones adverts, Trinny and Susannah, Bratz dolls and all other dolls barbies etc, talk shows and the people who go on them, people who pronouce H ‘haitch’ and say ‘th’ as ‘f’, soaps, money, r’n’b music, playboy, backstabbers, selfish old people, David Cameron, adverts, moving adverts on websites, pop-ups on websites, adverts that makes noise on websites, people who cant spell PSYCHOLOGY, two faced people, cold callers, Paris Hilton, daily mail readers, the x-factor, louis walsh, Big Brother, bad grammar, bad manners, public transport, people trying to straighten/brush my hair, people invading my personal space, when I get to the fridge and someone’s nicked my milk, people tickling my feet, glitter, Chris Moyles, flies, women who play golf, Australian Questioning Intonation, sprouts, The Sun newspaper, politicians

3 responses to “About Me

  1. I’m a Psychology Graduate (BSc Honors), myself. I find its normally better if I don’t tell people that – especially when I first meet them, since they tend to edge away from me – but tis a fun, interesting subject and I love it. I hope you’re enjoying your course! What are you studying in particular?

  2. Hmm. I find that lots of people find it creepy that I’m studying psychology. They usually confuse it with psychiatry and think I’m reading their minds or something. – silly people.
    I am enjoying it yeh – in particular – well psychology. I’m quite interested in developmental stuff and sports psych.

  3. wow, it’s great. i’m doing my master of educational psychology now. feels great to met some people that have some common things. i love boyzone and ronan keating too. if you go to australia, please come by to Indonesia….


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