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Helloooo? Anyone thought I was dead at all?

Nah – just a lazy blogger. In that I’m not really what you’d call a ‘blogger’ as I don’t do it much. Just felt I needed to add some updates on here. People have left the proper blogs for things like facebook/twitter/iphone apps etc. Pfft. I can’t be bothered with twitter – I quite like reading what Stephen Fry does on a daily basis but otherwise it’s a bit boring. I myself have not much to write on there. I’m not good at short updates. 

So… news – work.. still fairly normal. Well.. normal for GO. 

I bought myself a new ipod yesterday. I was so tempted by the fanciness of the ipod touch and and how easy it is to use but the capacity put me off as the biggest you can get is 32GB which would cost approx £270. As I have to admit, I prefer buttons to a touch screen and I’m more used to the classic style of ipod, so I went for the silver ipod classic. 120GB capacity, can hold many more songs than I currently have but also videos – handy for boring train journeys and it even matches my laptop. 

I’ve spent most of the morning filling it up with new music. Downloaded some stuff by White Lies. They were recommended to me by because I own U2’s new album No Line On The Horizon which I can just say is excellent. Very U2 so if you don’t like their other stuff, not sure if this would be any different but I am a big fan of them. I’m also still exciting at getting tickets to see them in Cardiff on my birthday. 

Anyway – White Lies seem like a mix of U2, Joy Division, bits of Franz Ferdinand and maybe a bit of Depeche Mode all thrown into one. Pretty good. 

I’ll now trawl through Amazon looking for other stuff recommended to me. I find the iTunes store is also good for sampling stuff even if you don’t download it from there. God bless them. 

Me and mum are going to Bath Spa this afternoon. I love it there – best place to go on a day off also it would be nicer if the sun came out.

Ramblings and music

Oh good god, I haven’t written anything on here for a long time. I seem to have been a little distracted with Livejournal comms and friends on there as well as just outside the internet kinda life. (what’s that?)

I actually have a proper job. I’m starting next week. Go Outdoors – the outdoor shop chain is opening a new massive superstore in Bristol just down the road from me and I’ve got a job there starting in monday. They aren’t opening for a bit so most of the work will be unpacking stuff and making it look like a shop.

I’m graduating on friday. We’re off to Plymouth tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to get down there and see everyone. Obviously everyone off the coruse as well as a few others who are back down in Plymouth. I miss being at uni. It hit me that I’m not going back cus people’s facebook status’s seem to be all going-back-to-uni related and I’m staying here now.

I was watching Jools Holland musicy showy thing the other night. I just wanna say R.I.P Rick Wright. He was the keyboardist in Pink Floyd and more recently has been playing with David Gilmour on his solo stuff. He died last week after a short battle with cancer.

I also saw a bit of Elbow. For a band that have been going on for quite a while I seem to have never really heard one of their songs. They performed the first track which I thought was rather banal. It just sounded like every other white middle class male dominated indie band.

The second track they played was one called One Day Like This. It started with a great violin piece and is a really good song. I downloaded it and have been playing it quite a lot. Great track.

I’ll write more blogs on here. I think I’m starting to settle back in Bristol properly now. I dont seem to have much of a social life anymore which is depressing me but it’s so different when you’re not living with your friends with other friends round the corner and meet up daily in Uni or for a drink. The Parentals don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about things like going to the cinema or for a walk to down to the sea. The Sister is also not quite in that area, even though she is young she is college age and not moved away or got to that more student/young adult state of mind.

I’m off to catch up with blogs now.

Son of Rambow

I saw this film last night. Definitely recommend it.

It’s a brilliant british film – and when I say British I don’t mean has Hugh Grant or Colin Firth in it and it’s not trying to be all twee for the American audience.

It really is quite funny – and quite touching. The children in it are brilliant and the storyline is just sweet. It makes you want to be a child again.

I’ve got bucketloads of revision to do and been feeling bored with my life and that I dont want to be an adult. The film really does make you want to be a child again, sitting in a shed feeding mice, making secret promises with friends, playing in the woods etc. It’s just not the same and you can’t really get away with it when you’re 21.

Anyway I would definitely recommend it. I love that it’s not set in today’s year but possibly around 1986-1990 so it fits with anyone who was between 5 and 10 at the time I suppose.

Look out for flying dogs. Very funny

And Jessica Hynes – very good as the mother. She is utterly beautiful.

The Choir – boys don’t sing

How is singing for girls? Ok girls like singing but I didn’t think singing was a girly boring thing. I quite liked singing at school.

I’m talking about the 2nd series of The Choir on bb2, where Gareth Malone (cute musician, singer and choirmaster extrordinaire) takes over an all boys school in Lancaster and tries to get them to actually sing. It’s so surprising how many people found it funny that someone would stand up and sing in front of people. These people just don’t ever sing.

Ok I didn’t sing after primary school but I was never given the chance. When I was still at my old secondary school, the music department was terrible and there were never any choirs and the only thing we ever did in music lessons was play stuff on a keyboard.

I’m so glad Gareth is getting this singing thing back into schools. All these school kids seem to quite happily rap (which I would definitely find embarssing) in front of their friends but think singing is just not on.

Looking forward to next part same time next week.

Great films

Last night I watched A Beautiful Mind. It’s an excellent film – really makes you think about what’s real and what isnt and how someone with such a great mind can be so affected.
Also watched The Runaway Jury. Very good film – good ending, bit of a feel good ending actually. And starring the lovely John Cusack.

I recommend both of them if you havent seen them.

Havin a bit of a lazy day today in that I’m still in PJ’s and not planning on leaving the house today. I’m getting bored of cooking tho. I really want some nice food without having to go through the effort of making it myself. I was trying to do cheap food all the time and not spending money on ready-made meals but I fancy lasagne or pizza or something from co-op so I might be forced to go to the shop.

Pirates of the Caribbean – At world’s End

Saw this film last night. To be honest if you’re a big fan of the whole POTC films – go see it, see what happens, laugh at Captain Jack Sparrow – go home.
However, the film could have been an hour shorter and been mroe interesting. The film is approx 2 hours 45 mins long (yes dead leg alert) and I found myself waiting for the end about half an hour before it happened.
Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad film really – there are some good bits and some quite funny lines and weird Jack Sparrow moments, look out for Keith Richards as Sparrow the elder.
The problem is it’s gone too Hollywood – there is waaaay too many fight scenes with many swords and impressive moves, canons firing at eac other’s ships and many many cliches and corny lines. Between these things there was not a long of plot. I could see the makers thinking “ok we’ve gone 20 minutes without people shooting canons at each other – let’s have another clash between two ships”. The story line is just a bit stretched out as far as it can go and wha could have been a great story with many swashbuckling moments turned into a chance for filmmakers to show off how many special effects and impressive moves they can fit in.
And Kiera Knightly and her stupid chin/pout thing. Annoyed the hell out of me above everything else.

Good book

I’ve just read The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom.

I recommend it. I dont want to give it the phrase ‘a book that will change your life’ but it felt that way. It’s very.. enriching. It does make you think about life and how we all interact with each other and other rather deep stuff.