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It’s Bristol Balloon Fiesta this weekend!!

I’ve just been watching a load of them fly over from the upstairs window. From there you can see them coming out of Ashton Court and going across Bristol. It’s a wonderful sight. As well as beautiful coloured and stripy ones, there are the weird shaped ones. Amongst those I saw – a house, a barrel with something written on the side, and a fire extinguisher. There was also one which, as it was coming up above the trees looked like Sonic The Hedgehog. However, as it came closer, it turned out to be a crocodile type creature with a big open mouth, spines down it’s back and big googly eyes. Bizarre!

I’m off on holiday on Monday. Just down to the same old South Allington. It should be fun this year as there are quite a few of us in our pitch. Mum’s friend is joining us with her son and a friend plus my sister’s friend so lots of people. I haven’t decided whether lots of teenagers is a good thing yet or not.

Hopefully I’ll take some many many good pictures. I want to get up really early one morning and go down to the beach and take photographs. There is so much out at 6am I want to capture it.

I’ve also got an interview tomorrow for HMV. I’ve been practising my interview questions so hopefully there won’t be anything that takes me by surprise too much. Wish me luck!

One last thing – check out this new album by a wonderful musician called Steve Jones. It’s available for free download here. I recommend it.