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Bla de bla

So… what have I been up to since the last blog?

Looking for jobs, lazing about moaning about the fact that I don’t have a life. Well, I suppose I have a bit of one, but I’m trying to get used to living with my parents and not my friends and I don’t want to do things with them all the time. Some of the usual lot did the Assembly pub quiz on thursday. We won it – no surprise as the three of us that were there have got most of the general knowledge type questions covered. It would have been nicer with all of us tho.

A bunch of people – well most of whom are my parents age, went out to breakfast the other morning as we’re all back from uni, some people are about to go off again for the summer so we met and had a fry up. Good food.

I forgot it was Father’s day yesterday until the afternoon but then reminded the sister and she had the idea of cooking dad – and mum if she wanted, dinner. We did smoked haddock, with halved boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and cheese and spinach sauce. trawberries and Toblerone for pudding. It was rather yummy if I say so myself and both the parentals loved it. I quite enjoy cooking. I don’t do it very often, not proper cooking anyway. Most dinner/evening meals tend to be something heated up, stuck in the oven or the microwave and then it’s done. Sometimes when I make something that does require cooking and someone likes it, it’s definitely an achievement.

I’ve just signed up for Jobseekers allowance. I hate the sound of it. It sounds too much like the dole and that I’m some drunk that isn’t allowed to work or something but that’s just my stereotype I supppose. It was recommended to me from a friend who is also looking for a job but left Uni a year ago and went travelling so if it works for him. There are so many different reasons for getting it like if you’re on strike over pay, or just had a baby, blind, deaf, etc. I’m just ungraduated but perfectly able to work. Well – I’m off to look for a job now then. Got a few places that may do wildlifey photography stuff. I’m tempted to look for a part time course thing in it if that will guarantee my a job. My lack of experience lets me down especially as I’m trying to avoid things that would probably fit my degree.

New word…

Apparently a new word coming into comming usage is the word ‘ideate’ – meaning basically to form an idea.

I bet ya didn’t know that eh…

Other news – not done a lot. Cooked some nice bolognesey chilli tomatoey stuff with taglitele for me dinner. Was yummy.

Bored bored…

I really need a hobby. Apart from photography and watching Dave on tv, I seem to have no hobbies anymore. I have aspirations – I’d love to go and see lots of music or go to hip pub or bars where there great musicians playing a live set in the corner but where you can hear yourself think above them. I want to go to see stand-up comics and live shows. However, whenever a band I like or something I want to see is on, I always seem to be in the wrong town at the time or that it’s quite expensive and none of my friends would want to go. It doesn’t help that most of my friends don’t share these aspirations.

I haven’t done much today. The guilty feeling that hang over me saying ‘you should be doing work/research/dissertation work’ is back. It disappeared over christmas – it was nice but a bit weird – knowing that I didnt have to be doing something else – I could go out and not think ‘oh dear, less time to be reading that text book’.

I went for a short walk just to the bottle bank and then round the park and took some photos. It’s quite warm here. Twas pissing it down this morning when I ran up to the postbox to post mum’s birthday card but it got brighter and drier this afternoon so I thought I’d make the most of it. I have just the one lecture tomorrow so I’m forced to leave the house for something. My plan is to go to the library straight after just for a while and try and sort out where I am, and maybe do some much needed notes on other modules. If it’s dry and not windy, I’m planning on walking down to the Hoe armed with camera and see if there are any sailing boats out. They make good pictures.

I’ve also been collecting good recipes of more interesting food to cook. As much as I love pasta, curry or toasties, sometimes you need a change. If anyone knows any good meals that aren’t too complicated, can go a long way and aren’t too expensive, drop me a comment. Oh and any good smoothie recipes much appreciated.