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What if…

The most powerful country in the world was Costa Rica?

They were the first country in the world to abolish their army. The country has had almost fifty nine years of uninterrupted democracy, the longest time in all of Latin America. The President has the executive responsibilities of the country.

Their unofficial country motto. “Pura Vida.”- the words convey the state of happiness, peace, and tranquility that the political stability and freedom bring to Costa Ricans.

Education is highly regarded in Costa Rica by most of the population. 6% of the country’s resources are dedicated to education and it has been proved to have positive results as > 95% of the population is literate.

Nearly 80% of the population is Catholic. However, most Costa Rican Catholics view their religion more as a tradition than as a form of faith. The Catholic hierarchy does not exert a powerful influence either politically or culturally. Moreover, Costa Rica is tolerant of other religion.

There are many other wonderful and unique things about this country.

For example, while the country has only about 0.1% of the world’s landmass, it contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity. They also have

  • 130 species of freshwater fish
  • 160 species of amphibians
  • 208 species of mammals
  • 220 species of reptiles
  • 850 species of birds
  • 1,000 species of butterflies
  • 1,200 varieties of orchids
  • 9,000 species of plants
  • 34,000 species of insects
  • Canal networks through jungles
  • Cloud forests
  • Coral reefs
  • Deciduous forests
  • Elevations from sea level to 12,529 feet
  • Mangrove swamps
  • Rain forests
  • Tropical dry forests
  • Volcanoes (112 craters)
  • White, black, and pink shell beaches on both coasts
  • Extensive networks of rivers

Maybe the world should be dominated by them. Maybe we’d be all better off.