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Son of Rambow

I saw this film last night. Definitely recommend it.

It’s a brilliant british film – and when I say British I don’t mean has Hugh Grant or Colin Firth in it and it’s not trying to be all twee for the American audience.

It really is quite funny – and quite touching. The children in it are brilliant and the storyline is just sweet. It makes you want to be a child again.

I’ve got bucketloads of revision to do and been feeling bored with my life and that I dont want to be an adult. The film really does make you want to be a child again, sitting in a shed feeding mice, making secret promises with friends, playing in the woods etc. It’s just not the same and you can’t really get away with it when you’re 21.

Anyway I would definitely recommend it. I love that it’s not set in today’s year but possibly around 1986-1990 so it fits with anyone who was between 5 and 10 at the time I suppose.

Look out for flying dogs. Very funny

And Jessica Hynes – very good as the mother. She is utterly beautiful.

Welcome to 2008

Ok 2nd day of the year – nothing spectacular has happened yet.

Me and mum took down the tree and xmas decs this morning. The house looks so empty suddenly. All tidied and not cards on every surface makes it look a bit minimalistic in here.

I’m sticking to my new year’s resolution of blogging more…. so… what else shall I write?

Ok new year’s eve – well went to The Assembly in Bemmie. Fairly normal pub night but they had a live guy playing a guitar to many poppy type dire straits/pink floyd/bryan adamsy type music. He was rather good, excellent guitar player – on some queen numbers he was almost as good as the master himself Brian May. Saw in the new year with some streamers and lovely party hooters most of which didnt work properly.

It was nice to be out for a bit really. It’s mad going into town or anywhere near the centre cus it would be so expensive to get in pretty much everywhere. My parents went to some friends house and so me sis took over ours so I wouldn’t have wanted to be here anyway.

Ok – new year’s day. Well parents were a bit tired and hungover, I was perfectly fine. I wasn’t that drunk in the evening anyway. We had breakfast and then went for a short walk down through the cemetery down to dad’s workshop. I took some pictures in the cemetery and of the many birds outside the warehouse.

Walked back up the road, sat down and watched Singin In The Rain, followed by Mary Poppins, followed by the end of Finding Neverland.

Later we watched Three Men in Another Boat – very amusing. As funny as the first one but I didn’t seem to get that feeling of jealousy with this one. I wouldn’t want to be in a boat with three cynical men, two of which can’t sail very well. Looking forward to the second part tonight tho. And Jam and Jerusalem – great telly

Going back to Plym on friday. I’m getting the train back cus mum’s car is a bit unpredictable at the moment. It’s ok on short journeys but several times on a long journey it cuts out and won’t start again for a while. And Plymouth and back is a fairly long journey.