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Don’t ya just love them. I saw them in the shop while I was buying a paper and had to have them. They aren’t lasting very long tho.

Ok I’ve done a fair amount of work for the minute. I’m going for a short walk down the road to the postbox and then maybe round the park, take a picture or two and come back. I need to stretch my legs.

My workspace is currently my bed. Comfy but not too much so I just doze off. I can sit on my bed at my laptop which is on the chest of drawers and then spread my books out around me. Something I can’t do in the uni library. I’m doing better on the distraction front but maybe it’s just that I have 6 weeks to finish my dissertation so I can’t afford to be distracted.

Such is life… and I’ve just found my graduation is now September rather than July. July was early tho but September is quite late so its rather annoying.