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Ok I can’t seem to sleep very well. Ok some housemates are to blame – especially those who have a new boyfriend and are in the room next to you. I’m happy for them, but do they have to chat until 3am. It’s annoying.

I find that once I’ve woken up and its about 3-5am ish I seem to them be wide awake. I was awake last night for a quite a while listening to housemates coming in from night out and going to bed (or not). Once it was all quiet I decided to go to the loo and noticed half the lights were all on so – being me – had to go and switch them off. I got back into bed and ended up watching QI episodes on youtube until I got sleepy again. Stephen Fry’s voice is so relaxing so it does work. I got back to sleep around half 6 ish and didn’t walk up until 11.00. The problem is I woke up not feeling at all rested and wanting to go back to sleep but my mind knows it’s the middle of the day and I wont get back to sleep.

Hopefully I’ll have a peaceful night tonight as its sunday. I have 9.00 start tomorrow hmmph. Not keen on monday mornings.

New term – last one

Ooops, haven’t blogged since being back in Plymouth. But hello – here I am. Got back to Plymouth on Friday. I came back to landlord decorating the kitchen and random tools everywhere but he soon left us in peace. Didn’t get up to a lot over the weekend. Just re-adjusting really. Esther came back sunday so was nice to have a few more people to hang out with on sunday night and did a bit of catching up. However, 2 days and it’s back to the same non-communicative household it was before christmas.

Jess has been as Luke’s pretty much since she came back. Anna came back monday morning and has said possibly 10 words to me. Not that I mind, I don’t seem to have much in common with the other 3 in the house when they are all together. They like going out altogether cus they have a lot of the same friends and have their sort of in-jokes together. I’m fine with that but it’s the fact that they think me and Jess are always against them. I’d rather not always have my teabags nicked or get woken up at 4am by them coming in drunk but I’m happy so co-exist together even if we dont have much in common just to hang out now and again. We could do so much more as a house but it always seem quite awkward and like we all ‘want’ to make the effort but would much rather be doing something else.

I’m making an effort to be nice to everyone. Jess has also organised a ‘girl day’ next week with Robyn as well where we can watch films or Grey’s Anatomy or something that they’re all happy watching. I’m happy being a girl for a bit with them to bond a bit more. Hopefully it’ll settle things a bit.

Lectures – not too bad so far. 2 new choice modules – one wasn’t what I thought it would be but it’s still quite interesting and it’s with one of the cooler lecturers so it’s ok. The other is excellent – quite hard because it’s about consciousness and quite deep questions etc but it’s so interesting and the lecturer for that is really good – friendly and you can understand them without nodding off which always helps.

I’ve just gotta get on with the old dissertation now.