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Fast thinking walk..

is one of the things I did today. Day off today.. well ok I shouldn’t call it off – just no lectures. I should really be doing work or notes or getting on with dissertation but didn’t feel like it.

Did a bit of washing – clothes and dishes – this morning. When it stopped raining, I walked down to the hoe and round the seafront. It was lovely when the sun was out. It did almost start raining a few times and there was a lovely rainbow as I was walking back down. Felt rather well exercised when I got back to the house.

Been chillin a bit this evening. Just caught up on first episode of series 2 of Kingdom. Addicted to that show, I can’t believe I didn’t realise it had started again but I suppose only got to wait till sunday for next episode.

Torchwood starts tonight!!! – can’t wait for that although it’s sort of the opposite end of the scale to Kingdom.

That was a bit of a boring blog… I’m trying to keep to blogging regularly just to update but maybe I need to work on writing more interesting entries. I’ll have a think.