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Ok I can’t seem to sleep very well. Ok some housemates are to blame – especially those who have a new boyfriend and are in the room next to you. I’m happy for them, but do they have to chat until 3am. It’s annoying.

I find that once I’ve woken up and its about 3-5am ish I seem to them be wide awake. I was awake last night for a quite a while listening to housemates coming in from night out and going to bed (or not). Once it was all quiet I decided to go to the loo and noticed half the lights were all on so – being me – had to go and switch them off. I got back into bed and ended up watching QI episodes on youtube until I got sleepy again. Stephen Fry’s voice is so relaxing so it does work. I got back to sleep around half 6 ish and didn’t walk up until 11.00. The problem is I woke up not feeling at all rested and wanting to go back to sleep but my mind knows it’s the middle of the day and I wont get back to sleep.

Hopefully I’ll have a peaceful night tonight as its sunday. I have 9.00 start tomorrow hmmph. Not keen on monday mornings.