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Bla de bla

So… what have I been up to since the last blog?

Looking for jobs, lazing about moaning about the fact that I don’t have a life. Well, I suppose I have a bit of one, but I’m trying to get used to living with my parents and not my friends and I don’t want to do things with them all the time. Some of the usual lot did the Assembly pub quiz on thursday. We won it – no surprise as the three of us that were there have got most of the general knowledge type questions covered. It would have been nicer with all of us tho.

A bunch of people – well most of whom are my parents age, went out to breakfast the other morning as we’re all back from uni, some people are about to go off again for the summer so we met and had a fry up. Good food.

I forgot it was Father’s day yesterday until the afternoon but then reminded the sister and she had the idea of cooking dad – and mum if she wanted, dinner. We did smoked haddock, with halved boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and cheese and spinach sauce. trawberries and Toblerone for pudding. It was rather yummy if I say so myself and both the parentals loved it. I quite enjoy cooking. I don’t do it very often, not proper cooking anyway. Most dinner/evening meals tend to be something heated up, stuck in the oven or the microwave and then it’s done. Sometimes when I make something that does require cooking and someone likes it, it’s definitely an achievement.

I’ve just signed up for Jobseekers allowance. I hate the sound of it. It sounds too much like the dole and that I’m some drunk that isn’t allowed to work or something but that’s just my stereotype I supppose. It was recommended to me from a friend who is also looking for a job but left Uni a year ago and went travelling so if it works for him. There are so many different reasons for getting it like if you’re on strike over pay, or just had a baby, blind, deaf, etc. I’m just ungraduated but perfectly able to work. Well – I’m off to look for a job now then. Got a few places that may do wildlifey photography stuff. I’m tempted to look for a part time course thing in it if that will guarantee my a job. My lack of experience lets me down especially as I’m trying to avoid things that would probably fit my degree.

Bloody housemates

They always seem to make noise just when there’s something you’re listening to…

Missed the end of the Now Show on R4 earlier cus of a kitchen invasion. Not too much of a prob – it is repeated.

Bass also banging thru the wall while I was watching a doc on Kirsty MacColl.

And my most of my Guardian has been stolen from the kitchen table and I haven’t done the crossword yet.



Has anyone ever used the stats package SPSS? Or even got into doing many statistical tests on data….



I did a simple correlation test on my data for my experiment which made sense when I got the results. They were what I expected and the graphs showed results which were basically quite simple. However, I have now found out that because my data was not normally distributed I have to do a different test on it which I have no idea how to do.

What the hell is the difference really? It’s the same relationship whether they are of a normal distribution or not… and actually the results are not supposed to be. They are measuring handedness for gods sake – most of the population are right handed so there is a big skew to the right anyway.

I’m not behind where I should be in the whole dissertation writing thing but I want to just get the results done and I thought it was simple but it’s not.

I better get a mark I feckin deserve!


Ok. I’ve been a good mood for quite a while for my standards until yesterday. I do seem to have slightly extreme moods sometimes. Not extreme as in manic depressive moods or anything and it isn’t connected to PMT.

I can be on a high where I’m happy being around people and actively seek them out and chat when I’m with housemates etc. I seem to be much more productive because when I think of doing something I just get on with it and I’m not so easily distracted.

However, yesterday during the course of about an hour, my mood just plummeted a bit. I came home in the afternoon and I didn’t really want to speak to anyone or be with anyone. I sat in my room last night watching HIGNFY episodes on youtube for ages. I can still laugh at things and I also listened to Just a minute on radio4 while I was cooking tea and can happily laugh at it but when it was over, I was longing for something else to entertain me.

I went to bed thinking I just need a hug – not really to talk it out with someone but for them to understand what is going thru my head and just hold me till I don’t feel like that anymore. I’m not very good at talking about my feelings. Especially if people don’t ask or don’t seem that interested. I felt fine this morning but I was forced to get up anyone cus of the lecture first thing and I’ve been sociable first thing. It seems to be an afternoon thing when it comes on and I just want to not be with people but at the same time I do. It’s weird. I decided to write about mood stuff on here just because of the fact of talking – even to yourself, or writing your thoughts down has been proven to lessen the amount of emotion. See Pennebaker Paradigm if your interested.

I have another lecture this afternoon and I can sit there and talk to people but if I don’t have a meaningful chat with them, or the lecture goes badly, I’ll come home and feel low again. I’ll report back later maybe. I’ll leave early to walk into uni and try and take some pictures as it’s still sunny.

Busy bee

Good afternoon bloggers.

Had a busy week so haven’t blogged. Actually I have had lots of time but writing blogs is quite far down my list of ‘things to be getting on with’. Mainly it’s coursework, dissertation stuff, or sorting out uni stuff which is why I seem to put off the less important things.

So we’re half way thru the term now.. ish. Less lectures but technically the same amount of work. 6 weeks till dissertation due. Wooer.

Several of us have been chatting about the end of this year and not being students anymore. Altho most people I know are either staying down next year because they won’t be finished yet, or they are carrying on and doing a Masters.

Personally I can’t be bloggered. After nearly 18 years in education, I think I need to have new experiences and just do other things. I’d love to have a job which pays ok and which I enjoy but which I don’t have to take home with me. Outside work hours, I can do what I want. I seem to have lists of things building up which I want to do as soon as I finish uni.

Firstly to catch up on reading. I really like getting into a good book but I have about a shelf of them I haven’t read yet. Either I’ve bought and started reading immediately but then found something else to do, or I’ve been given books and not even started them. I’m not very good at sitting down and concentrating on a book for more than 10 minutes. I’m much too easily distracted especially when I have the internet. I’ll just sit down and say ‘I’ll read this chapter and try and remember what’s going on in this book’, read a page or so and then a car will go past outside and the noise will annoy me or another noise in the house will distract me and I’ll just sit and listen to that.

On holiday is the best time to read a book – I’m usually in the countryside or by the sea so less noise and no internet, tv, or many other people so I can get absorbed in a book. Bring on the summer!

Another thing I’m going to do this summer is actually learn to drive. I had a few lessons a couple of summers ago and had a bit of a practice in mum’s car. But going back to uni got in the way and I’d rather have lessons when I’m home because I know Bristol better and it’s nicer for driving. As soon as I pass my test, I’ll get insured on mum’s car so at least I can go places by myself a bit more rather than relying on other people.

When I’m able to drive, I really want to go away more with friends, maybe taking our campervan and going to places just for a weekend. I like the sound of that….

I’m keeping that thought… it’s motivation to get me to 23rd May.

I’m still here

Hello people of the world. Or those who read this – which is probably not many really.

Been a bit busy this last week and not been in the mood to write down my thoughts. Here I am anyway.

Ok well at the weekend, went home to Bristol. Vik’s birthday was on sunday but we had things planned for saturday night so I thought I’d make the most of being at home for a couple of days. Me and the parentals went out friday night for food. I love going out for dinner when I’m at home just because I hardly ever do when I’m here or if I do, it’s just to Whetherspoons or the union or something hardly very special.

Met in the Assembly sat night – I had previously been told it was a pink theme, so to wear something with pink on. As I dont even own anything pink, I nicked a top from the lil sister to wear out. When I got to the pub, most other people weren’t going by this theme but we did have loads of pink glittery cowboys hats for anyone who wanted one. We did get a lot of comments like ‘hen night’ thrown at us – understandable cus of the hats but my friends really do not look like slags even at the worst of times. From the pub, we went on into town and went in Reflex. It was possibly the first time I have been in there and not been asked for ID on the door. Maybe we’re starting to look like grown ups who are responsible. Wahey!

Anyway – great night in there, after we came out, lots of hanging about on the centre in the cold, firstly sorting out issues with someone’s ex who was being a bit prattish, and then trying to get a taxi who was happy to drive all over south bristol. There ended up being 6 of us so we split comfortably into 2 3’s and went our separate ways.

Quick question – why do some taxi drivers, when you say for example ‘how much to get to Knowle’, say I’m not going there/I can’t go that way? They go whereever you want to go, surely. They are a taxi!!! Just annoys me anyway. They seem to be allocated set places where they can drive and will not go further than a specific line.

On sunday, went for breakfast with parentals and various family friends. Beautiful food, little cafe in Bedminster which do loads of types of brekkie – I had full english, followed by toast and jam. Then me and mum went for a short walk around Stanton Drew which is a very small bronze age stone circle just outside bristol. Took some pictures, came back and packed my stuff up.

Didn’t get back in Plymouth until 9.00 in the evening on account of earlier train being cancelled. I have completely lost faith in rail travel. So much money – luckily I got two singles instead of return and it was an ok price but for what you get – rip off really. Even for a short arse like me, the leg room is nothing to write home about. I got on the later train but because of the earlier cancellation, it was completely packed from Bristol all the way back. I sat in the corridor bit between the doors with about 7 other people until Exeter. Actually I probably had more legroom out there, but not so comfy on the bum.

Anyway – that’s my weekend. I’m planning on working on dissertation 2moro – how much procrastination will I do?


Ok I can’t seem to sleep very well. Ok some housemates are to blame – especially those who have a new boyfriend and are in the room next to you. I’m happy for them, but do they have to chat until 3am. It’s annoying.

I find that once I’ve woken up and its about 3-5am ish I seem to them be wide awake. I was awake last night for a quite a while listening to housemates coming in from night out and going to bed (or not). Once it was all quiet I decided to go to the loo and noticed half the lights were all on so – being me – had to go and switch them off. I got back into bed and ended up watching QI episodes on youtube until I got sleepy again. Stephen Fry’s voice is so relaxing so it does work. I got back to sleep around half 6 ish and didn’t walk up until 11.00. The problem is I woke up not feeling at all rested and wanting to go back to sleep but my mind knows it’s the middle of the day and I wont get back to sleep.

Hopefully I’ll have a peaceful night tonight as its sunday. I have 9.00 start tomorrow hmmph. Not keen on monday mornings.