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Who is ruling us exactly?

I found myself watching the parliament channel this morning showing Prime Ministers questions. It occurred to me after about 5 minutes that I was basically just watching a few people who are lazy and overpaid having an argument. Surely that’s no different from reality tv such as Big Brother.

Watching MP’s sitting in the commons is almost the same thing as watching E4 live BB. It’s also quite depressing that people are more likely to believe celebrities on tv and agree with their opinions than politicians, but politicians are the ones creating the laws and ruling this country whereas celebrities from reality tv shows technically have no power. Yet the tabloid press and mainstream tv channels have so much power over us. It’s terrifying really.

It also reminds me of Nickelback’s latest single. I have do love my music, Nickelback are quite a good band but I really don’t understand their latest single ‘Rockstar’. I’m not sure if it’s serious or an ironic dig at these ‘celebrities’ in America who do the kind of things which the lyrics refer to. I can’t believe some people actually aspire to live like the ‘MTV generation’ where there are just hollywood film stars and popstars and rappers, and this drug, drink culture materialistic where when you appear on Cribs you’re considered really cool and rich. Where you have to have at least a swimming pool and 3 cars otherwise you look poor.


Ok rant over.
Did anyone see the Extra’s christmas special last year. Especially this scene. Spectacular.