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Comedy and parties

I’ve been ab it busy last week organising my dad’s 50th birthday. He’s been building a boat for the last 8 years but it’s nearly done now and actually looks boat shaped and as it was his 50th on Saturday, we thought we’d have a casual glass of bubbly and some cake in the shed where it is currently being finished off.

We decorated the shed with loads of bunting and had loads of fairy cakes with pink icing on them. Very twee don’t ya know.

On friday night, I had tickets for Russell Howard at the comedy box in bemmie so me and dad went to that as a sort of pre-birthday outing. Russell was so funny!!! Would recommend for young and old as he definitely appeals to both. The comedy box is really small – a room above a pub reeally so we were really close. He’s so short in real life. So cute. It was a show testing new material for his tour in the autumn which I am also seeing him in the Colston Hall. I’ll be much further away but I hope I’ll still come away with my face hurting from laughing so much.

What else… well still looking for a job. I’m just looking for something that pays really. My ambition is to be a wildlife photographer but as I keep telling uneducated people, you can’t just apply to be a wildlife photographer and get it and then ur sorted. It doesn’t work like that. I am a wildlife photographer at the moment in that I take picture of wildlife a lot. However, I’m not paid for it. I need to be able to find the right person and show them a decent amount of good pictures and for them to say, “those are good, would you like to work for me” etc etc.

Also mu uni results are out this week. They are released into the wild on the 1st July which is today. However, they tend to not arrive in the post actually on the 1st so we’ll see. The postman hasn’t been yet so you’ll find out as I’ll post something later on if I know anything. Fingers crossed, ey.. wish me luck.

Student life…

Been revising for about a week now for my many final exams. It’s not too bad. I do feel a bit stressed but exams don’t really bother me that much. The thing that bothers me is getting to the exam, reading the question and thinking ‘shit..I have no idea what that is’. Hopefully with enough revision, that won’t happen. It’s quite hard to revise when you have no idea what you could be asked. For most of the topics I have no idea how specific they want us to be. The exam questions are usually applied stuff which makes you use the knowledge rather than just memorizing stuff but that’s annoying when my strength is usually memorizing facty things. Obviously it’s easier to learn stuff in context which is why it’s easier to revise by doing exam questions but we don’t have many of them.

In the big scheme of things, it’s a tiny part of my life, I’m lucky to be at uni, I’m quite smart (I like to think) and I’ll come out of the end with a decent degree. I don’t need a particular grade, I don’t really even want to work in psychology but the only thing motivating me is that I want a 2:1 on my CV and not a 2:2. I wont get a 1st. I very much doubt it anyway, I’m not prepared to work that much and my coursework needs to be higher really.

I hope I do well in my dissertation above most other things. It was my own project, I enjoyed writing and I found it really interesting so I really want a justified mark on that.

Aaaahhhhh – sometimes life is quite annoying.

I also went out saturday night for coursemate’s 21st. Went round there for houseparty first. The problem with student parties is that it’s more of a turn up hours late and spent most of the time discussing which bar we’re going to first. Ok I quite like going to pubs and bars but it’s not my favourite thing to do. When people say they are having a houseparty it’s usually much more interesting. Sitting around chatting – usually about facebook, other housemates, mutual friends, etc. Drinking slowly and maybe nibbling and much cheaper than going clubbing or something. I tend to meet more people at houseparties and have more interesting conversations than if we go to the SU or similar bars.

Anyway, that was fun. We joined with another houseparty of another girl of our course and many other connections and mutual friends there. Had a good laugh talking with a girl who I had never met before purely because we tend to sit at opposite ends of the lecture theatre. Went from there to a pub which was too noisy and where it’s difficult to chat and people sort of drifted off so I drifted off home at that point. Sometimes it’s a better night out if you stop at the right time and before you start to get bored… just me.. yeh ok.

So here I am. I’m going into uni in a min to find a textbook. Hopefully they’ll be available and our course are not all revising the same thing at the same time.

Sorry for long (ish) blog. Sometimes I feel better when I’ve blogged a load of crap even if no-one reads it.  I’ll read this back in like a year and think ‘what the hell was I talking about?’.

I’m still here

Hello people of the world. Or those who read this – which is probably not many really.

Been a bit busy this last week and not been in the mood to write down my thoughts. Here I am anyway.

Ok well at the weekend, went home to Bristol. Vik’s birthday was on sunday but we had things planned for saturday night so I thought I’d make the most of being at home for a couple of days. Me and the parentals went out friday night for food. I love going out for dinner when I’m at home just because I hardly ever do when I’m here or if I do, it’s just to Whetherspoons or the union or something hardly very special.

Met in the Assembly sat night – I had previously been told it was a pink theme, so to wear something with pink on. As I dont even own anything pink, I nicked a top from the lil sister to wear out. When I got to the pub, most other people weren’t going by this theme but we did have loads of pink glittery cowboys hats for anyone who wanted one. We did get a lot of comments like ‘hen night’ thrown at us – understandable cus of the hats but my friends really do not look like slags even at the worst of times. From the pub, we went on into town and went in Reflex. It was possibly the first time I have been in there and not been asked for ID on the door. Maybe we’re starting to look like grown ups who are responsible. Wahey!

Anyway – great night in there, after we came out, lots of hanging about on the centre in the cold, firstly sorting out issues with someone’s ex who was being a bit prattish, and then trying to get a taxi who was happy to drive all over south bristol. There ended up being 6 of us so we split comfortably into 2 3’s and went our separate ways.

Quick question – why do some taxi drivers, when you say for example ‘how much to get to Knowle’, say I’m not going there/I can’t go that way? They go whereever you want to go, surely. They are a taxi!!! Just annoys me anyway. They seem to be allocated set places where they can drive and will not go further than a specific line.

On sunday, went for breakfast with parentals and various family friends. Beautiful food, little cafe in Bedminster which do loads of types of brekkie – I had full english, followed by toast and jam. Then me and mum went for a short walk around Stanton Drew which is a very small bronze age stone circle just outside bristol. Took some pictures, came back and packed my stuff up.

Didn’t get back in Plymouth until 9.00 in the evening on account of earlier train being cancelled. I have completely lost faith in rail travel. So much money – luckily I got two singles instead of return and it was an ok price but for what you get – rip off really. Even for a short arse like me, the leg room is nothing to write home about. I got on the later train but because of the earlier cancellation, it was completely packed from Bristol all the way back. I sat in the corridor bit between the doors with about 7 other people until Exeter. Actually I probably had more legroom out there, but not so comfy on the bum.

Anyway – that’s my weekend. I’m planning on working on dissertation 2moro – how much procrastination will I do?