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Nearly the end of term – wahey. I can’t wait till easter – hopefully I’ll be able to get out and take lots of piccies amongst other things. I’ve got 2 essays to write as well.

What else have I been doing…? – Not a lot worth writing about. I’m going swimming tomorrow morning first thing. It mite be quiet at 8.30 in the morning. I will definitely benefit from the exercise. I’ve got rather unfit this last year with my only real exercise being walking. Ok it’s fair to say I do a lot of walking but less lectures meant less going into uni and I haven’t been doing much else outside uni stuff this year. I always wondered as a child how adults managed to sit around for hours on end chatting and drinking tea etc. I now realise it’s really very easy. I almost miss the days of having go and run somewhere or climb a tree or play football when we went out or even days at home during the holidays but it’s nice being more chilled and in control of your own energy levels.

I’ve also updated the photo page of this blog with a link to my new gallery.

I’ve decided there’s much more space on there and it’s so much easier to put most of my photos on there rather than putting them straight onto pages in wordpress.

Feel free to check them out. As I love wildlife photography and naturey greeny stuff in general there is a lot of that but a few other things as well. Comments greatly appreciated.

Ok… Need motivation


Some early new year’s resolutions now – it’s nearly new year’s eve after all.

I will blog more often – even if I have nothing to write about – just write some thoughts down. I have not been very consistent with actually writing about events in my life or just thoughts on things – I don’t seem to have much faith in them so I need to do better.
I’m doing a thing called project365 set up by a friend of mine where basically you take one picture everyday of the year. I’ll see how long I can keep it up before I forget. I want to actually get something out of it even if it’s just a bit more inspiration and ideas as I want to be a wildlife photographer when I leave uni. Many photos I take will be put on my photoblog.

I will make a proper effort in uni and try my best to get a 2:1 next summer.

I will keep the peace in my house, and try to be nice to my friends even if they are not being nice to each other.

I will waste less time on facebook and read more real books.

I will make myself cleverer and more knowledgeable.

That should keep me busy for a while.