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Busy bee

Good afternoon bloggers.

Had a busy week so haven’t blogged. Actually I have had lots of time but writing blogs is quite far down my list of ‘things to be getting on with’. Mainly it’s coursework, dissertation stuff, or sorting out uni stuff which is why I seem to put off the less important things.

So we’re half way thru the term now.. ish. Less lectures but technically the same amount of work. 6 weeks till dissertation due. Wooer.

Several of us have been chatting about the end of this year and not being students anymore. Altho most people I know are either staying down next year because they won’t be finished yet, or they are carrying on and doing a Masters.

Personally I can’t be bloggered. After nearly 18 years in education, I think I need to have new experiences and just do other things. I’d love to have a job which pays ok and which I enjoy but which I don’t have to take home with me. Outside work hours, I can do what I want. I seem to have lists of things building up which I want to do as soon as I finish uni.

Firstly to catch up on reading. I really like getting into a good book but I have about a shelf of them I haven’t read yet. Either I’ve bought and started reading immediately but then found something else to do, or I’ve been given books and not even started them. I’m not very good at sitting down and concentrating on a book for more than 10 minutes. I’m much too easily distracted especially when I have the internet. I’ll just sit down and say ‘I’ll read this chapter and try and remember what’s going on in this book’, read a page or so and then a car will go past outside and the noise will annoy me or another noise in the house will distract me and I’ll just sit and listen to that.

On holiday is the best time to read a book – I’m usually in the countryside or by the sea so less noise and no internet, tv, or many other people so I can get absorbed in a book. Bring on the summer!

Another thing I’m going to do this summer is actually learn to drive. I had a few lessons a couple of summers ago and had a bit of a practice in mum’s car. But going back to uni got in the way and I’d rather have lessons when I’m home because I know Bristol better and it’s nicer for driving. As soon as I pass my test, I’ll get insured on mum’s car so at least I can go places by myself a bit more rather than relying on other people.

When I’m able to drive, I really want to go away more with friends, maybe taking our campervan and going to places just for a weekend. I like the sound of that….

I’m keeping that thought… it’s motivation to get me to 23rd May.