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In one of my recent lectures, we were looking at ideas of persuasion and marketing methods. The lecturer (who is a genius) brought up the issue with Tesco moving their office to the Cayman Islands to avoid paying 1 billion pounds of tax.

Tesco are currently offering computers for school vouchers – collect the vouchers and take them to the school, school benefits by getting more computers.

Not necessarily

They offer 20 inch imacs – roughly retailing at £750.

In order to get 1 of these imacs. the school needs to collect 26,500 vouchers.

This is the equivalent to £260,500 of shopping in order to get the vouchers.

If Tesco were happy to pay their tax in this country, it could be spent on the computers. This would buy 1,333,333 computers.

There are approximately 24,000 primary schools in this country. This means that each school could get 56 computers out of this £1,000,000 tax.

In order to get 55 imacs from vouchers, parents have to spend £14,588,000 on shopping!

Make your own choice.