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Son of Rambow

I saw this film last night. Definitely recommend it.

It’s a brilliant british film – and when I say British I don’t mean has Hugh Grant or Colin Firth in it and it’s not trying to be all twee for the American audience.

It really is quite funny – and quite touching. The children in it are brilliant and the storyline is just sweet. It makes you want to be a child again.

I’ve got bucketloads of revision to do and been feeling bored with my life and that I dont want to be an adult. The film really does make you want to be a child again, sitting in a shed feeding mice, making secret promises with friends, playing in the woods etc. It’s just not the same and you can’t really get away with it when you’re 21.

Anyway I would definitely recommend it. I love that it’s not set in today’s year but possibly around 1986-1990 so it fits with anyone who was between 5 and 10 at the time I suppose.

Look out for flying dogs. Very funny

And Jessica Hynes – very good as the mother. She is utterly beautiful.