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Which type of student are you?

I went to my third uni exam this morning. They don’t hold the exams in the Uni cus there’s nowhere big enough so we have to walk down to Plymouth Pavilions – sort of big entertainment centre with an arena in the middle because it has more room.

Walking down there I was surrounded by other students. Watching them, I decided on 3 categories.

There are the one’s who are totally cool about it, “yeh exams, who cares really, I only revised a bit, let’s go smoke a spliff”. This category tends to be mostly guys.

Then there are the ones who are still reading their notes while walking into the exam hall, cramming in, wondering if they read enough shelves of the library, and who get really annoyed when you say the word ‘fail’, ‘work’, ‘essay’ or ‘who cares’.

Then there are the people like me. I’m in the middle of these. I like to call it rational. They know that they need to work. They tend to have an ambition, or a grade in mind that they want to work to, but they don’t over work, and try and memorise absolutely everything. They will rationalise the workload and be slightly risk taking but the stuff that needs to be learnt will be learnt properly.

I like being that category. I like to think I’m clever and quite good at exams but I’ve never been a swot and never will be. Saying that I’m not really a rebel either. I am reasonably good academically. I want the grade enough, and know I have to work for it. I don’t go all out try and learn that much and do loads of extra reading – I feel it’s a waste of my time and it won’t be worth the effort. No-one cares that much whether you get a 1st degree or a 2:1 especially if the degree is unrelated to the job you’re applying for anyway. I just like knowing things. Learning things and impressing people. That’s what I strive on.

Student life…

Been revising for about a week now for my many final exams. It’s not too bad. I do feel a bit stressed but exams don’t really bother me that much. The thing that bothers me is getting to the exam, reading the question and thinking ‘shit..I have no idea what that is’. Hopefully with enough revision, that won’t happen. It’s quite hard to revise when you have no idea what you could be asked. For most of the topics I have no idea how specific they want us to be. The exam questions are usually applied stuff which makes you use the knowledge rather than just memorizing stuff but that’s annoying when my strength is usually memorizing facty things. Obviously it’s easier to learn stuff in context which is why it’s easier to revise by doing exam questions but we don’t have many of them.

In the big scheme of things, it’s a tiny part of my life, I’m lucky to be at uni, I’m quite smart (I like to think) and I’ll come out of the end with a decent degree. I don’t need a particular grade, I don’t really even want to work in psychology but the only thing motivating me is that I want a 2:1 on my CV and not a 2:2. I wont get a 1st. I very much doubt it anyway, I’m not prepared to work that much and my coursework needs to be higher really.

I hope I do well in my dissertation above most other things. It was my own project, I enjoyed writing and I found it really interesting so I really want a justified mark on that.

Aaaahhhhh – sometimes life is quite annoying.

I also went out saturday night for coursemate’s 21st. Went round there for houseparty first. The problem with student parties is that it’s more of a turn up hours late and spent most of the time discussing which bar we’re going to first. Ok I quite like going to pubs and bars but it’s not my favourite thing to do. When people say they are having a houseparty it’s usually much more interesting. Sitting around chatting – usually about facebook, other housemates, mutual friends, etc. Drinking slowly and maybe nibbling and much cheaper than going clubbing or something. I tend to meet more people at houseparties and have more interesting conversations than if we go to the SU or similar bars.

Anyway, that was fun. We joined with another houseparty of another girl of our course and many other connections and mutual friends there. Had a good laugh talking with a girl who I had never met before purely because we tend to sit at opposite ends of the lecture theatre. Went from there to a pub which was too noisy and where it’s difficult to chat and people sort of drifted off so I drifted off home at that point. Sometimes it’s a better night out if you stop at the right time and before you start to get bored… just me.. yeh ok.

So here I am. I’m going into uni in a min to find a textbook. Hopefully they’ll be available and our course are not all revising the same thing at the same time.

Sorry for long (ish) blog. Sometimes I feel better when I’ve blogged a load of crap even if no-one reads it.  I’ll read this back in like a year and think ‘what the hell was I talking about?’.

Bloody housemates

They always seem to make noise just when there’s something you’re listening to…

Missed the end of the Now Show on R4 earlier cus of a kitchen invasion. Not too much of a prob – it is repeated.

Bass also banging thru the wall while I was watching a doc on Kirsty MacColl.

And my most of my Guardian has been stolen from the kitchen table and I haven’t done the crossword yet.


I’m not moving.

I’ve discovered livejournal. I started an account over there mainly for the communities and chat. It’s pretty groovy and frankly more interesting than wordpress.

I can’t be bloggered (lol) to move blogs when I hardly ever write in this one so I’ll still post on here now and again if anyone is actually reading this. Blogs seem to be oldskool now what with facebook/myspace and associated sites plus vlogging is quite popular. I am not videoing myself speaking because I hate the sound of my own voice. The written word is much nicer to me and a better way of getting my thoughts across.

I more motivation to update now and again. Mainly for my own sake cus it’s nice to keep a record of things a bit like a diary so I can look back at my opinions about the things that were going on and what I did. It’s nice to look back at what I did in my life in several years time and be all nostalgic.

What’s going on now then… well I’ve just got back to Plymouth for my final (feck me) term of uni. Had quite a nice Easter – was a bit man cus we went away for easter weekend but apart from that parents were still at work and sis at school cus their hols were later. I spent most time at home getting on with uni work and catching up on a bit of chilling out and watching films.

I’ve still got about 4 pages of essay to write by wednesday and then it’s revision sesh until mid May and then I finish. Bloody hell – I’m quite scared about just going and being a grown up and not really having excuses for stuff like being skint or being lazy. On the other hand I can’t wait to just do something else with my life. The constant working, essay writing etc is doing my nut in. I can’t wait to have a proper job – even if it is something in a shop to earn some money and be able to go places. Me and Jess have been making plans about several people going away somewhere in the summer, going to festivals, and going camping etc. Hopefully they’ll be lots of that. The problem is thinking of those things makes me not want to work at all. I can’t stop now. Unfortunately I am one of those people who is quite clever really but doing exams and writing essays is not a natural strength so I have to do a lot of work and pack in the revision and hopefully fingers crossed I will get my 2;1.

I will….