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Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans

Hello everyone in blogland. A cheery hello to everyone who’s feeling down, sad, bored or just a bit mondayish today. Stick a smile on your face and thank god it’s nearly over.

I slept ok last night. I went to bed about 11.30 which is my usual “bedtime”, altho I don’t like that word. It sounds like I’m my own parent or something.

I had to get up for 9.00 this morning which I did. I don’t like the monday morning lecture. It’s a rather boring topic but I went anyway as usual. I came back to the house straight after, did some notes on dissertation and transferred bits of journals and bits of my own experimental design onto one document. Twiddled about on t’internet for a bit and procrastinated. Yes.. Facebook – how did you guess?

I had a lecture at 4.00 so wandered back over, I actually almost look forward to this one because it’s a quite simple but interesting topic with a lecturer who knows his stuff and is quite interesting. However, I walked into the lecture theatre and glancing at a sign on the board found that the lecture was cancelled due to illness. How annoying!

I didn’t really have any other plans so slowly meandered back through the park taking some pictures. I found one daffodil out plus some small yellow flowers which were pretty. Despite them looking very pretty sticking up out of the grass, the pictures didn’t come out that well – I think because it was windy and they were moving.

This whole 365 – one picture each day of the year lark is quite difficult sometimes. Now and again I’ll go out for a walk or something happens where I can lots of pictures which I think are really good. The problem is I run out of inspiration. I want every picture I take to be the best one like it but sometimes nothing out of the ordinary happens, and on the route between uni and my house, I feel there is nothing that interesting to make a good photo. I need to get into a more picture taking mindset where I can see photo opportunities in more than just plants, animals, sea, views, sunsets. Although some of the best photos are sometimes down to a fluke. Maybe I need more confidence in myself.