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Friday’s theme

Hey hey – who likes the new theme? I fancied a change again. The green of this page was getting a bit weird so this is more 2008.

Ok – did a few things today. Went to a lecture on tool use in animals. Quite an interesting subject. Most of it we covered in the animal behaviour module last term but it’s not exactly taxing and we have a good lecturer so can’t complain.

Got some books out of the library – am determined to read several chapters worth before taking them back. One of them is useful for dissertation so I made some notes from that. The other one is vaguely related to consciousness module. The kind of core book recommended for the topic had none left in the library so got a different one but it looks like a good introduction.

I went for a short walk (ie down to the side of the plym and back) just as it was getting dark. It had stopped raining and being so cold and windy so I made the most of it and took some pictures of the sunset.

Just watched Jamie’s Fowl Dinners. Jamie Oliver really is my hero. He’s so passionate about things that are right. He made such good points about the fact that 90% of the population are happy to eat exceedingly cheaply produced meat and eggs and many of them have no idea where it comes from. Even if they make that decision to spend less on it, at least they should be told what conditions the chickens have been in. And it’s not just chicken. Anything like pies or quiches or mayonnaise with eggs in uses battery eggs which I didnt know and therefore even if I always buy free-range organic eggs and free-range chicken, I’m missing a few things.

Anyway I’m glad the message is out a bit more. Most supermarkets (altho not Tesco or Asda so much) are quite up on phasing out the battery chickens and eggs. Good.