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Comedy and parties

I’ve been ab it busy last week organising my dad’s 50th birthday. He’s been building a boat for the last 8 years but it’s nearly done now and actually looks boat shaped and as it was his 50th on Saturday, we thought we’d have a casual glass of bubbly and some cake in the shed where it is currently being finished off.

We decorated the shed with loads of bunting and had loads of fairy cakes with pink icing on them. Very twee don’t ya know.

On friday night, I had tickets for Russell Howard at the comedy box in bemmie so me and dad went to that as a sort of pre-birthday outing. Russell was so funny!!! Would recommend for young and old as he definitely appeals to both. The comedy box is really small – a room above a pub reeally so we were really close. He’s so short in real life. So cute. It was a show testing new material for his tour in the autumn which I am also seeing him in the Colston Hall. I’ll be much further away but I hope I’ll still come away with my face hurting from laughing so much.

What else… well still looking for a job. I’m just looking for something that pays really. My ambition is to be a wildlife photographer but as I keep telling uneducated people, you can’t just apply to be a wildlife photographer and get it and then ur sorted. It doesn’t work like that. I am a wildlife photographer at the moment in that I take picture of wildlife a lot. However, I’m not paid for it. I need to be able to find the right person and show them a decent amount of good pictures and for them to say, “those are good, would you like to work for me” etc etc.

Also mu uni results are out this week. They are released into the wild on the 1st July which is today. However, they tend to not arrive in the post actually on the 1st so we’ll see. The postman hasn’t been yet so you’ll find out as I’ll post something later on if I know anything. Fingers crossed, ey.. wish me luck.


Nearly the end of term – wahey. I can’t wait till easter – hopefully I’ll be able to get out and take lots of piccies amongst other things. I’ve got 2 essays to write as well.

What else have I been doing…? – Not a lot worth writing about. I’m going swimming tomorrow morning first thing. It mite be quiet at 8.30 in the morning. I will definitely benefit from the exercise. I’ve got rather unfit this last year with my only real exercise being walking. Ok it’s fair to say I do a lot of walking but less lectures meant less going into uni and I haven’t been doing much else outside uni stuff this year. I always wondered as a child how adults managed to sit around for hours on end chatting and drinking tea etc. I now realise it’s really very easy. I almost miss the days of having go and run somewhere or climb a tree or play football when we went out or even days at home during the holidays but it’s nice being more chilled and in control of your own energy levels.

I’ve also updated the photo page of this blog with a link to my new gallery.

I’ve decided there’s much more space on there and it’s so much easier to put most of my photos on there rather than putting them straight onto pages in wordpress.

Feel free to check them out. As I love wildlife photography and naturey greeny stuff in general there is a lot of that but a few other things as well. Comments greatly appreciated.